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Man, through the ages has undergone many changes from the time when he depicted a herd of mammoths on the walls of a cave to nowadays when he can chart with anyone across the sea by use of modern means of communication. Some people think that in today’s world government should spend more money on computers.However, others think that it is inappropriate and government should spend more money on food and shelters for poor people, medicine, education, etc. These two options are very different and controversial. But I think that developing computer technology brings people more advantages then they think it does.Read More


  Pakistan’s IT Exports at its Peak                    

Pakistan exports hit a record high for the year-end 2016-17 with nearly $ 1 billion in receipts received through the banking channel.

According to Pakistan’s State Bank statistics, the export of IT industry classified as telecommunication, information and information services reached a level of $ 938,640 million in the last year.IT industry gains recorded a two-digit growth of 19 percent or $ 150 million from the 2015-16 financial year, to $ 788,640 million.Read More

          SBP to contour IT Forex Inflows 

State Bank of Pakistan has taken a series of concrete measures to simplify the banking sector’s production revenues through the banking sector, which can reduce the under-reporting of IT and its activated services. The implementation of central banks’ instructions for commercial banks and software houses will lead to the identification of future IT exports on a monthly and yearly basis, which will also help all stakeholders to realize the potential and status of the sector IT in the country. 


Coup d’oeil at 6 years Exports Read More

Government’s inducements for IT sector

The government has set a vision to enhance the exports of this sector to $5 billion per annum by 2020, which seems not an impossible target. The government has laid down its vision for the IT sector and streamlined the following steps to aid in its growth:Read More

CPEC and  IT Parks Read More

In addition, a number of IT parks are being developed in the country, together with the continuous expansion of broadband services, several cities are dancing to make the ecosystem attractive and lucrative for IT companies, entrepreneurs and startups.